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Herbal Massage Oil

Suffering from stiff muscle & muscular pain, try the herbal massage oil of Dhara Enterprise. It is a very effective pain reliever & helps in providing strength to your muscles & nerves.

The main ingredients of our product are plant oil, minerals, vitamins & various other naturally occurring substances. These provide full nourishment to muscles & nerves, thus providing effective relief to pain. Apart from this, it also helps in cell growth, thus making muscles & nerves stronger.


  • Developed from natural herbs
  • Show no side effect
  • Provides immediate relief
  • Permanent treatment to muscular pain

It is very effective in curing stiff muscles and muscular pain. It also provides relief in back pain, knee pain, neck pain and other joint pain. You just have to apply it on the part that is suffering from pain & get results in just 5 minutes. The trusted cure offered by our natural medicines have made us appreciable herbal massage oil manufacturers, wholesale suppliers & exporters based in Gujarat, India.

Herbal Massage Oil

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