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Herbal Pain Relief Ointment

Tired of muscle pains, use trusted herbal pain relieef ointment of Dhara Enterprise. Developed from the rare herbs it is very effective in eliminating pain & providing sufficient strength to the muscles & nerves.

It is manufactured using root, stems, leaves, fruits & seeds of herbs. Apart from this, various natural occurring oils & other extracts are added. These help in providing nourishment to the muscle cells, thus making them strong. These are best to reduce muscle pain.


  • Developed from herbs
  • Show zero side effects
  • Provide immediate relief
  • Provide strength to the muscles & nerves naturally

We have thoroughly tested our product in order to show no side effects. It is very useful in providing immediate relief for joint pain, knee pain, headache, backache, neck pain and other muscular pain in the body. Our trusted treatment has made us appreciable herbal pain relief cream manufacturers, wholesale suppliers & exporters based in India.

Herbal Pain Relief Ointment

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