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Herbal Tooth Powder

Want immediate relief to various dental problems, try Herbal Tooth Powder of Dhara Enterprise. It is very effective in curing teeth ache, gum pain, bad odor, Pieria, bleeding gums, cavity and various other dental problems.

We have developed it from various herbal plants. It includes various minerals, vitamins & other naturally occurring substances that provide nourishment to teeth from the root. It kills germs & stop tooth decay. It also controls sensitivity so that you easily get healthy tooth.


  • Developed from natural substances
  • Immediate relief
  • Prevent Pieria
  • Stop bleeding

Our researchers have thoroughly tested our product in order to avoid any side. The relief provided by our ayurvedic products has made us trusted herbal tooth powder manufacturers, wholesale suppliers & exporters based in India.

Herbal Tooth Powder

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